At Influencers Church, we love to celebrate the creative gifts God has given us, and use them to bring him glory in everything we do.


We desire that all men and women would have a life changing encounter with Christ through worship. As it is the heart of God that all would be saved, we want our worship not to just be seen on a stage, but everywhere we step. So we join our personal worship with yours to create a corporate worship experience to make the name of Jesus famous.


Our heart as a church is to reach people with the saving message of Jesus Christ. Our TV ministry captures our weekend services to stream to our online community, and create resources to encourage and equip people in their everyday life.


We serve a creative God and it's our desire to create an amazing atmosphere in our services that reflects the excellence of our God.


Influencers church has a long history of celebrating the creative arts. Whether it's a short drama in a service or a full scale production we are committed to excellence and innovation that reflects our creative God.

We believe that the performing arts provide a space to explore deeper questions and issues that effect us all. Underpinned by a biblical worldview, all our work is intentional in its portrayal of hope and redemption.


We love to use the gifts God has given us to communicate the message of love and hope that we have found in Jesus Christ.